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BCG Causing Prostrate Problem

12 years 6 days ago #6634 by wendy
That's called not messing with success...I can dig it!

All the best and may you be one of those who never recur.


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12 years 6 days ago #6624 by PWREDDY
I have not had any recurrances. My last BCG was only a 20% solution. I'm now into the annual (that's the old protocol) treatments. I just noticed that Lamm has gone to bi-annual treatments. Therefore, I will likely ship the next years treatments.

Not having a recurrance with a very viral cancer, I'm not prone to change the protocol unless I just have to.

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12 years 2 weeks ago #6331 by wendy

Wow, you are one of the few folks I've met who has been able to go that far with the Lamm protocol...most find it too toxic to complete without lowering the doses or skipping some instillations. Dr. Lamm himself says that lowering the dose doesn't compromise its effectiveness, so maybe that is an answer for you. Otherwise, couldn't it be that you've completed treatment, you're done?

Aside from BCG there are BCG+IFN (interferon); Gemzar instillations (a chemo drug), and many other new drugs being tried in and out of trials.

I would be very tempted to give myself a break from all the treatments if I were in your shoes...

What was your initial diagnosis, and have you ever had any recurrences while on BCG?

All the best,

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12 years 3 weeks ago #6311 by PWREDDY
I am 7 1/2 yrs. out from finding that I had BC. I have followed Dr. Lamb's protocol exactly. I'm now receiving 3 weekly BCG treatments annually. I was only able to tolerate two treatments this last May. Apparently, the BCG caused me to have a severe case of prostratitus whereby my prostrate is either inflamed or infected. I have taken two 10 day prescriptions of antibotic, but I'm still having pain from my prostrate.

In December 2005 I was found to have prostrate cancer. There were cancer cells found in only 1 out of 8 biopsies taken. Based on a low Gleason score, I was advised to have the radioactive pellets put in my prostrate, which was done.

My first question is, "Has anyone else experienced prostrate trouble from BCG?" My second question is, "What is left after BCG to avoid BC recurrance?"

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