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Non-invasive, aggressive stage 0

2 years 8 months ago #53759 by sara.anne
Welcome to the Forum! I see that you have had trouble logging in....there are probably two reasons for this. During the last week we had an "upgrade" to our web site. As any of you who have dealt with this sort of thing know, this means TROUBLE. I couldn't log in either!! It said I wasn't "authorized." Ed and Cynthia are working on this with our web site people now. The second reason is that we have had to go to an "approval" system before a first post is accepted from a new user. This is because of all the SPAM that people try to post on web sites such as this. Sometimes it takes several hours for one of us to get to this. But we are glad that you are here

Your diagnosis is one of the more common types and you are very fortunate that it was caught early. It is early-stage and a mix of low grade (very slow growing) and high grade (rapidly dividing) cells. Your urologist's recommendation for BCG treatment is exactly what would be expected. There is a lot of information about BCG in this Forum, particularly under the heading of Non-Invasive Bladder Cancer. You can go to the Search function at the top of the page and look for BCG.

BCG is very effective for early high grade bladder cancer. This is how I was treated almost 9 years ago and I have not had any recurrences. However, the problem with even low-grade bladder cancer is that it tends to recur. Your urologist will probably have you on a schedule of a cystoscopic exam every three months for a while, then every six months until five years have passed, and then annually forever. It is very important to keep these appointments in order to find any recurrences very early.

You will do fine with this.

Wishing you all the best

Sara Anne

Diagnosis 2-08 Small papillary TCC; CIS
BCG; BCG maintenance
Vice-President, American Bladder Cancer Society
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2 years 8 months ago - 2 years 8 months ago #53757 by Havello1
I have just been diagnosed with beginning, non-invasive,aggressive bladder cancer. I underwent surgery to remove two lesions from bladder surface, and will be receiving a series of 6 washes of bcg treatments (1 per week) to prevent recurrence.
Has anyone on this forum had this or similar profile?

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