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4 years 1 week ago #50867 by Dakota
Hi all, I have been reading this forum for a week now but just decided to join. I am a 25 year old female in pretty good health (except for being a smoker) so when I noticed the heavy blood in my urine I was concerned. I first went to an urgent care and the doctor gave me an antibiotic to treat a uti but suggested making an appt to get a ct scan for kidney stones, I was confused because I have had utis in the past and they were pretty painful and I was experiencing no pain with this. The very next day the bleeding got worse so I went to the emergency room, that doctor told me because I wasn't in pain I just needed to finish the antibiotic. I just felt in my heart that something else was going on so I practically had to beg for a ct scan and they reluctantly agreed. The scan showed a bladder mass. That was on March 12 and today, March 21st I had the cystoscopy. The cystoscopy confirmed the mass and my urologist said it is about 2cm but not much information after that. The TURBT is scheduled for the 23rd and I am terrified. I am nervous for the procedure but more so for that waiting afterwards, and then of course the results. I have been doing some research since hearing the term "bladder mass" and it seems it is very rare for a tumor in the bladder to be benign. I am trying to stay positive and hopeful but my mind keeps wandering to the worst case scenarios and I am not sure how to remain a normal functioning adult while also waiting to hear if I have cancer. I also know it's not common for bladder cancer in someone my age so I assume I can blame that on myself for the last 5 years of smoking cigarettes (I am quitting cold turkey now regardless of the outcome). I have so many mixed emotions but reading your stories make me feel hopeful. Any advice for me? Thank you all so much.

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