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It begins as "Low malignant potential"

13 years 2 days ago #3785 by timb
Fantastic. Sounds like you're getting on top of it. I remember my first scope and the fear it tinged every subsequent one with. Don't let it. It's hugely variable and dependent on depth of biopsy and position within the bladder (bladder neck can be problematic - but isn't always). Mostly I think I was shocked on that first scope. Sure the pain was horrible but what made it worse was the surprise of it and that noone had prepared me for it. I remember lying bunched up on the hospital bed just glad I'd made it back from the toilet and thinking I was going to pass out. I did breathing exercises on every subsequent one (when peeing) which also helped a lot and made sure I had a garage full of pain meds on standby!

Good to hear the encouraging pathology too.

Really glad you're on the mend and that we could help in some way



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13 years 2 days ago #3780 by Rosemary
Thanks for getting back with us Goducks.   I'm glad to know that this turned out so well. :)

And thanks for telling us that we were right about the spasm.  It's nice to know that.

Hope you take care of yourself and you will check back in with us.

Your friend,

Age - 55
T1 G3 - Tumor free 2 yrs 3 months
Dx January 2006

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13 years 2 days ago #3779 by goducks71
Thank you all, particularly Rosemary and Tim. Today was my pathology report and the Doc says, "I have the best possible news for you." I get a G1, T0 score and remain "low malignant potential." Of course, I still get the excitement of looking forward (is the more correct term "dreading") to quarterly scoping. But, I guess even with those, only the first time do we react with a: "You're gonna do WHAT?" I do have some other prostate issue to be looked at next month (maybe I will become friends with that Cystoscope...nah, no chance), but am pretty happy for now. Rosemary and Tim called my bladder spasm correctly according to my Doc, and Tim your Cranberry Juice prescription was right on the money. As soon as I started guzzling that, the pain lessened substantially - still hurts though. The Doc confirmed that cranberry juice helps and also gave me a prescription that will turn my urine orange but should get rid of the burn.

Good luck to all of you from Go Ducks!

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13 years 3 days ago #3727 by wendy
Hi Goducks,
I hope you called the doctor. That sounds like a dreadful experience.
Keep us posted...

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13 years 5 days ago #3694 by timb
I've had many TURs done and I have definitely experienced the situation you describe. I'm not sure exactly what causes it but I'm sure you'll get back to normal. Another thing I found strange was when bleeding restarted about three weeks after a TUR. I interpreted this as the scab from the wound site dropping away.

I can only echo Joe's sentiments about this forum. It's been a fantastic resource for me and of all the places I've been, the one with the best all-round advice. I'm a lot further down the road than you and its seen me through what could have been a far more hellish period in my life.

As Rosemary says, the sweating on the floor could have been a bladder spasm. Really unpleasant and sometimes accompanied by quite a drop in blood pressure. It sent me to the floor many times. But when you have subsequent TURs don't assume it will always happen. It happened to me on my first TUR - the blackout pain, sweatiness etc - and I feared, needlessly, every one after. It won't necessarily happen every time.

I drank lots of cranberry juice which seemed to help with post TUR sharpness on peeing. And also, if you don't mind doing them, keep up with the basic pain meds as they definitely helped me a lot too.

Take care


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13 years 5 days ago #3690 by goducks71
Thank you, Rosemary. I appreciate the suggestion. I had read a bit about the spasms and it did cross my mind that that might have been what was going on - though I would have thought spasms would be more like contractions, coming and going, while this was more just straight out pain. No, my Doc did not give me any anti-spasm meds, but I will ask him about that Wednesday. And, thank you for the well-wishes.

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