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37 is too young. Look at the waiting rooms!!!!

13 years 2 months ago #3065 by Simon
Hello I also am new to the BC scene and absolutely relieved to have found this web site. I only wish I would have come across it sooner.

Reading Rooster's message sounded all to familiar.

I also am 37 and live near Vancouver B.C. I am a male, (5'11" 185.), married for the second time, and have two boys 11 and 5. I come from a very close family on both sides and have a tight group of friends. I play hockey year round at least once a week and work in construction mngmnt. I have been diagnosed with BC. Yes, it is much too young.

I noticed blood in my urine. The first time it was almost like a tomato juice colour and then subsided to a tea colour before really looking mostly clear. This lasted about 48 hrs. I had cramping at times intense but I don't recall both symptoms occuring over the same time period.

I gave a urine sample and was sent for an ultra sound of my abdomen.
I new something was wrong when the tech asked me how old I was and if I had any kids. She asked me if I could feel anything while examining my bladder.

I was sent for a cysto. At my consult, everyone in the waiting room was as old as my parents or older. The doctor said he saw a 4cm tumor but couldn't remove it due to it being located beside one of my kidney ducts. He was concerned about scarring.

I was sent to a urologist. At my consult, everyone in the waiting room was as old as my parents or older. He informed me that I do have cancer.

I had surgery by laser Dec 27.
He removed a tumor "The size of a mandarin orange." He did believe that it was superficial and that he removed all of it.

I have another appointment Jan 11.
I am really nervous. No, I'm scared.

I am so thankful that I have found you all. So many of my questions about recovery and treatments have already been answered. I will be much more prepared when asking my Dr questions.

Can any of you perhaps shed some light on my stage and degree?

Thank you for listening...
I really needed that.


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