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sara.anne's Avatar
Today 15:54
Have questions, not diagnosed but being tested So sorry that you are having these issues. Random blood in the urine CAN be a sign of bladder cancer, and it is good that the urologist will be doing cystoscopy where he can actually look inside the bladder. If he sees anything suspicious he will probably...
jasdelta's Avatar
Yesterday 15:47
Newly Diagnosed with non invasie Citu Cancer?? Thanks again for your encouraging words, I am staying positive, which I think is very important to do. As one might imagine I was quite surprised at my diagnosis, as I had no symptoms prior to having my kidney stone removed. So my cancer must have been...
sara.anne's Avatar
Yesterday 11:59
confused on diagnosis Both docs are talking about exactly the same procedure. Under general anesthesia, the urologist carefully examines the bladder and removes any obvious tumors as well as samples of other areas of the bladder that look suspicious. These are sent out to a path...
Jay's Avatar
Yesterday 00:25
Need advice lotech35: You stated you'll see if you have the maintenance. I'm no expert on this subject, but why would you not have the maintenance? From what I've learned through my own experience and also from what I've read, the maintenance is the way to go. Jay
sara.anne's Avatar
01 May 2016 16:03
dysplasia with cis I am not sure I would dignify it by calling it a "definition." I would think rather that the pathologist used this term as a "description." Sara Anne
sara.anne's Avatar
01 May 2016 15:33
Tumor Started in Muscle & Moved inward? Really, the only one who can explain this would be the urologist. Do you have a copy of the path report? You should, and if you don't, ask for one for your records. Did the path report state that the tumor was "urothelial transitional cell carcinoma?" ...
DougG's Avatar
01 May 2016 07:07
Dad's life expectancy Joel, Perhaps you could ask your Dad's urologist the range of life expectancy for your Dad. Best wishes, Anita
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