The American Bladder Cancer Society was born from the hope of survivors of this often overlooked and underserved disease that the future could be made easier for those that came after them.

When faced with a diagnosis of bladder cancer, you and those that care about you are thrown into a freighting place where knowledge is potentially lifesaving. How do you even know what applies to you when you do not even know the questions to ask, what is the difference between stage 1 and 2, what is a cystoscopy? Here you will find many bladder cancer related links, definitions, and overviews on different subjects. Read more...


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Bladder Cancer Forum

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New Treatment Center Finder

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 " you have bladder cancer" changes your life forever and only someone who has also heard them ....

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Nix's Avatar
Today 11:20
Scared Such good news!! My hubby has had the same bleeding problem, and everything has worked out well. Enjoy your weekend Namcy
Mirpurlady's Avatar
Today 04:04
Neo bladders in women Well, it's been about 6 weeks since I posted about neo-bladders in women, and not a person has responded, so I guess that means this isn't a burning topic for most people on this forum. However, for the few women out there who may be considering neo...
carol58's Avatar
Yesterday 02:59
4th BCG treatment Holy cow!! Thank goodness I have only 2 of these left!! Last week was bad enough until yesterday!! I was so anxious about getting it for the fear of of the pain and urges to go. The only thing getting me through I believe is that if I don't have them the...
raider's Avatar
Yesterday 19:58
Biospy Results - 6 week BCG Going in for my 3rd biopsy Monday, this is to see how I did with the 2nd round of treatments. I'm hoping for the best but prepared for the worst, I will update with results and next steps once I get them
sara.anne's Avatar
Yesterday 16:21
Just curios if this could mean more.. Urothelial (transitional cell ) carcinoma IS the most common form of bladder cancer. Sara Anne
motorcity15's Avatar
Yesterday 15:12
4 cm mass or tumor thank you very much for your help Alan
GKLINE's Avatar
Yesterday 14:25
Urethroplasty Urethra Cancer This is the most unique question I have heard on this site. I have never heard of this before and I am sorry if this is the only recourse. I would however, make sure I got a second opinion to be sure this is the only procedure that can be had. I am so...
DougG's Avatar
22 Aug 2014 00:49
Pain following TUBRT then continuing following BCG I will second Sarah Anne's recommendation that you discuss cutting the BCG dosage with your doctor and Flamenco's recommendation that you drink all you can AFTER you have held the BCG for as long as you can. These suggestions may give you the best chance to...
Cindy B.'s Avatar
22 Aug 2014 00:48
Have a question Anita, Have had 2 now. Experiencing nausea and fatigue, but I understand that's normal. Starting to have a little burning when I go, hope it won't get any worse. You are so sweet to ask. Thanks!! Cindy
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