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BCG re-start!

9 years 8 months ago #32930 by Patricia
Have you thought about switching Uro's.???? GEez..just asking for trouble huh?
The french have come up with a way to administer BCG
Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) in intravesical instillations is the reference treatment for urothelial carcinoma with a high risk of progression. Compliance with this treatment is altered by its potentially serious locoregional or general side effects. Prevention of these complications requires implementing rules of good practice for the instillations. The undesirable side effects should be recognized early. Their treatment should be rapid and adapted to the patient. The results of the French randomized, placebo-controlled ITB01 study showed that the class II side effects of BCG were significantly reduced by administration of ofloxacin after each instillation of BCG. The number of class III side effects requiring antitubercular treatment was also reduced in the patients in this study who had received ofloxacin.
How about asking Dr. Lamm? He knows everything...


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9 years 8 months ago #32928 by Bill Jr
As you know I refused any more BCG treatments last September, due to unbearable pain and heavy bleeding after 9-treatments (even at a 30% dose)!

After my last Cysto my URO said all clear, BUT, you MUST restart your BCG treatments.

So July 14 I restart, 1-per wk, for 3-wks, every 3-mo for 18-mo. At the end of 18-mo we'll look at another schedule. OH! We are going to try a 10% dose this time, although research has shown me that there is a very, very small group of folks that cannot tolerate BCG.

If I find I cannnot tolerate BCG at all, then I wonder what's next!

My prostate has been painful since the BCG's last year, si I fear the restart is really going to be a challenge!

Turbt (May 09)
T1 High grade
Began BCG June 09 (every 3-mo for next 2-yrs)

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