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Anger revisited1

11 years 1 week ago #25774 by britt
Wonder of wonders! I get a call from the VA urology dept today to inform me that I have been scheduled for a consult with the dr I was tentatively refered to back in Dec! Ill jave mor info on tues. Hopefully Im all set and you fine folks wont have to sit thru my whinning and moaning any more,

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11 years 1 week ago #25757 by britt
And the nigtmare continues. I called the uro picking up the VA cases. They informed me they recieved approval for treatment of 40 vet. After being promised by the hospital adminitrater himself that I would be expidited I am not on the list. To make it worse the clinic informed me that was all the caseload they would be able to handle from the VA. Now Im sitting on the curb with my thumb out again.

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11 years 2 weeks ago #25740 by britt
The pathology report said Low grade papillary urethreal cancer.
Im still stuck now. If this dr will only do the cysto under surgical conditions. For me that means a major head ache. Ill require at least a cardio stress test done to get clearance from them. They may also requirw a MUGA as well. Last time I barly dodged an angio gram! Then the precursory EKG, chest xray and bloodwork. The previous dr put in a note to have a ultra sound done prior as well. Its moot at this point as I havent even been approved for treatment outside by VA inspite of a promis from the administtarer to expidte my care! If I cmae uo tomorrow Id still be short my test. I got a call from Nuke med today that bumped my stress test up to june 11 but were still talking way to long for this cysto to have been accomplished!

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11 years 2 weeks ago #25727 by Rockyiss
Hi Britt, What were the results of your last turb ? Was the cancer aggressive ? My bother had a single papillary tumor that came back four times, the Dr. wanted to do bcg but he stopped seeing the uro due to losing his insurance. I worried about him not getting checked (not for ten years), When he finally got scoped there was no bladder cancer. So we wasted all those years worrying for nothing. What he did have was lung cancer. I go to a top place and even though I had a reoccurance they have me going to be checked every six months.
If I were you I would just call every day to see if they have a cancelization. (They might get you in just to stop the calls).
As far as dealing with the va, good luck , Rocky

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11 years 2 weeks ago #25684 by britt
Pat, Im afraid that with the VA it will be a question of who will agree to take the patients on VA's terms! The only pay fixed amounts for services which are usually lower than the national average for either medicare or private insurance. Add to this the fact that they are notirious for being remiss in making payemts. Is still get bills from a cardio procedure that was done over a year ago. The hosp billing will continue to bill me until VA pays.
I have used the place rock and hard place when I first joined this community. Even tho I am a vet with a 100% rated disabilty with a VA pension that gaurantees all medical care expense, its as if Im standing there with my hat in my hand begging for wwhatever scraps they deem to throw my way. Now with our status for all vets since desert Storm began the VA has taken on a load it was never meant to handle. Fortunatley most are still young and the ravages of age havent kicked in yet sothe more life threatening specialties are not yet affected by this influx. Once they hit their 40's and cardio, oncology and other groups will be taxed to the limits.
When the pelled all the vets back in house after ci\\ontracting a staff uro they now have to reassess the cases and find places to sent them and this will take time. I had recieved a call from the hospital admin himself telling me that he would personally prioritize my case. As of yesterday the clinic thats slated to pick up the brunt of the existing patients, onle 4 names had been submitted so far, and I wasnt on it!

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11 years 2 weeks ago #25681 by Patricia
What kind of a Uro is this? Sorry Brett but with all your problems i would think they would at least refer you to a competent urologist who is capable of doing a flexible scope in his office. I don't know what else to say ????????:unsure:

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