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3 years 10 months ago #51165 by jfmmeyer
Thank you Cynthia. That's the plan to go to Mayo clinic to get this procedure done. Will be in touch and Fod bless. -Jim

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3 years 10 months ago #51164 by Cynthia
First of all take a big breath. I am on the road so I will keep this short but I am sure others will chime in. A second opinion is always a good idea. The procedure you are discribing is called a TURB it is done under sadation and is a biopsy done using a scope very simular to the cystoscopy the Urologist used when he found the suspected tumor. If you are going to Mayo have you thought of getting an appointment to have the TURB done there since you plan to go there going forward anyway? Many people have bladder cancer and have no idea why sometimes you can pinpoint the cause such as smoking other times not. Now the good news is that you have caught this early and even if it is cancer most are low grade non invasive. There are many of us here that live full lives many years after our diagnosis bladder cancer is treatable in the vast majority of the cases if caught early.
We are here to answer question and listen if you need us.

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3 years 10 months ago #51163 by jfmmeyer
Hello forgive me if I'm writing in the wrong place. Today came a shock to me-I was told after my cytoscopy that I have a possible 1cm superficial tumor. Dr. thought it was malignant sent out to pathology. I'm 46 years never smoked and just lost right now. My wife and I are probably going to go to Mayo Clinic to get whatever procedure needs to be done. The Dr. Who did the cystoscope told me they would do a scraping (sorry not sure name of procedure) under spinal... So I guess I'll be awake? I guess what I'm asking is for some help (crying right now) on what , where, & how....... Love, Jim

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